Oral pH: A Delicate Balance

YOU MIGHT REMEMBER a little bit about pH from a science class you took years ago in middle school or high school. Even if you don’t, that’s okay; it’s time for a refresher course because pH plays a major role in our oral health.

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A Closer Look At Our Teeth

WE USE OUR TEETH all day, every day, for chewing, talking, and flashing big smiles at friends and family, but what are the structures that allow our teeth to do so much? Let’s take a look at what our teeth are made of.

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Temporomandibular Disorders

OUR JAWS DO A LOT of work throughout the day, opening and closing over and over so that we can do ordinary things like talk, eat, and yawn. Ideally, all of the anatomy involved functions as it should and we can perform these tasks without trouble, but many people str...

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Great Dental Health Apps For Kids

EVERY PARENT WANTS to be able to teach their children good, healthy habits so that they will be ready for the responsibilities of adulthood, and those include oral health and hygiene habits. But what do we do when our kids aren’t interested in brushing and flos...

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The Effects Of Pregnancy On Oral Health

YOU CAN ALWAYS expect your body to go through a lot of changes when you’re expecting, but did you know that some of those changes are to your oral health?

The changing hormone levels of pregnancy actually put expecting mothers at greater risk of developi...

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Orthodontic Treatment: One Phase Or Two?

AS A CULTURE, we tend to think of braces as a teenage experience, so it can be surprising to learn that the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children have an initial orthodontic consultation by age seven. If a child is starting t...

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Straight Teeth: Not Just About Looks

THE MOST OBVIOUS impact of orthodontic treatment is a straighter, more attractive smile. While it is true that we tend to perceive people with properly aligned teeth as happier and more successful, the benefits aren’t just superficial.

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Canker Sores: Causes And Treatment

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to enjoy one of your favorite foods, but that angry, swollen lump on your gums or the inside of your cheek kept stinging and hurting? Then you know what it’s like to have a canker sore.

These sores are round ulcers that can develop on the ...

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Protecting Your Child’s Teeth From Injury

WE ALL REMEMBER WHAT it was like to be a kid. Running around, playing outside, discovering the world around us, and making great friends. We also remember the scraped knees and bumps and bruises that came along with all of that. As parents, we want our k...

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3 months ago
I brought my two kids and myself to Greenway Smiles after being dissatisfied with our previous dentist. Dr. Sundaram was very friendly and professional while conducting her exams. She explained in detail the results of her exam and what the treatment would be. The office staff were friendly and very helpful. They quickly scheduled our follow-up appointments and worked with our schedule conflicts. The office is clean, well maintained and very professional. Highly recommend Greenway Smiles if you are looking for a good dentist.
- V I
a year ago
Courteous doctor and knowledgeable service
- Sri Y
4 months ago
Dr.Sundaram has been our family dentist for over 2 yrs now. She is very friendly and handles the procedures with extreme care. Every step of the way, she kept asking me if I was comfortable and if I needed a break any time. She also explained the process by showing pictures of my tooth in each stage and why the fillings have to be done. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a qualified dentist. Staffs are also super friendly and very accommodating.
- Keerthika U

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